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Ever since its first appearance as a popular dish some 400 years ago, Japanese Ramen has been evolving with influences by Japanese Chefs throughout Japan and America. It originated as Chinese Lamian (pulled noddle) and transitioned to Chuka Soba (Chinese Noodles) to suit the Japanese taste preferences. Traditional local varieties and regional spices quickly transformed Chuka Soba to its more modern form of Ramen.

Starting in 1997, Ramen Chef, Nishimura began building his skills managing his family's ramen restaurant in Mountain View, California. After 20 years of continued success Nishimura moved to Los Angeles to open and operate his own restaurant Kai Ramen. Today with steady success Nishinura's highly acclaimed ramen restaurants thrive in multiple locations throughout Los Angeles. With strong perseverance and passion, Nishimura continues to learn and create new exciting dishes.

From the first bite, it is clear how special Kai Ramen is. What separates Kai Ramen from all other Ramen restaurants is the attention to detail and the dedication to perfection. The soup at Kai Ramen is always freshly produced in-house and contains no instant packaged soup as it ruins the freshness that you can easily taste.

It has been the life ambition of Chef Nishimura to offer authentic Japanese taste and continuously improve it.

We look forward to serving you a fresh Ramen bowl and to hear your impressions. Share your Kai moment with us on any of our online profiles!